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Create value in a truly data-driven way

The modern executive management system

For small and medium enterprises data-driven management is still a frustrating experience because the system landscape is more and more fragmented in the cloud & the data-tools are not easily accessible for them. But executives need transparency on all levels: strategic, operational & financial.

We help executives with out-of-the box analytics and AI to enable for faster & better decision making. Regain control over your data and set yourself in the driver‘s seat powered by the simple and intuitive experience tailored to the executive user.

One system for reporting, execution &
revenue operations

Everything you need in one executive management system

Reporting & Benchmarking

We provide you transparency on all levels of your business to be always fully informed and avoid unpleasant surprises that put your business at risk:

Stop waiting for reports from data experts and instantly answer ad-hoc data questions on the fly

Integrate with

Investor Reporting

Most modern way of investor communications and alignment

Execution & OKR

Next generation agile management with OKR 2.0 – Connecting OKR with KPIs

Growth Excellence / RevOps

Manage growth with management view on the sales funnel:

From insights to results

Unlocking our distinctive advantages

The first solution that provides everything the executive management needs in one system


Modern data stack

Massive cost savings

Pre-assembled data stack for immediate usage including a data lakehouse

Industry-specific solutions

Faster time-to-value

Industry-specific solutions maintained by us with input from the customer community

Decision & execution support

Faster decisions & better results

AI-based decision recommendations and embedded OKR module for execution

Fast & simple set up

In contrast to traditional BI projects, the ValueWorks set-up takes only 3 hours of your time

Deep industry focus & best practices

ValueWorks provides industry specific templates with the right KPIs for each industry

Benchmarks & Community

Become part of a strong customer community in your industry

AI augmented decision intelligence

Operate all of your business within ValueWorks’ intelligence platform powered by AI

Connected with your favorite tools

Our system integrates software effortlessly and protects your investments.
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Benefit from a modern industry BI platform

ValueWorks - The intelligent operating system for executives

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less effort to prepare investor reportings, funding rounds or management reportings.
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cost savings compared to conventional BI projects
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lead time to decision based on easily accessible and real-time data visualizations

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growth acceleration. Companies who run ValueWorks are experiencing faster revenue growth & customer growth.

Customer Stories

What our customers say about ValueWorks


The intelligence platform trusted
by 70+ companies

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