Guaranteed customer success - seamless onboarding and plug & play integration

The starting point for your success: Get started in just 3 hours with our systematic onboarding process offering you close and ongoing support


From insights to results

Out-of-the-box solution for your business

Three in a box:


The right KPIs, top management consultant-like charts and benchmarks per industry


Industry templates with easy customization and personalization capabilities in a no-code way


Embedded explainable AI use cases with self-tuning algorithms by customer

We have productized our consulting knowledge to create industry-specific solutions with rich content that can be customized in no-code way.

Systematic onboarding process

Possible with 3 hours of customer investment

initial situation icon

1. Analyzing your initual situation

We take a close look at your business model and your system landscape

2. Defining your target image

We prioritize your KPIs and define your target dashboards (strategic, operational, financial)

3. Implementation & go-live

Data input & integration with go-live-checklist, identification of data sources and data wizard for a fast go-live

onboarding & support

Close ongoing support for technical & business issues

With our productized customer success approach we are leading customers to maximum maturity & value

We use "plug & play" integrations to operational systems
The connection is established via “data wizards” in a no-code approach. The typical duration per connection is between 5-30 minutes.

Automated data quality checks for integrations
System setup check and data quality management

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