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Culture at ValueWorks

we are a startup with plenty of expertise and great potential for the future.

The values of our company

Our culture is based on eight values that shape our company.


We are open hearted and open minded, which means that we are always striving for something new and that we are always welcoming new ideas and input.

Passion for results

We are passionate about what we do and the results we want to achieve.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We are committed, motivated and have an entrepreneurial mindset; we continue to evolve and constantly learn and grow beyond ourselves.


Different skills, interests, experiences and different people make our team as diverse, complete and successful as it is.

Team spirit

The team and every single one of it are very important for us; we are mindful, support each other and look out for each other; team building is an important part of the corporate culture and is therefore practiced at all times.

Flat hierarchy

Flat hierarchies, as well as direct, honest and open communication are an important factor of our culture; open discussions and feedback are the key to successful communication and also collaboration.

Culture of praise

Everyone in the company makes an essential contribution to the success of the company, which is why appreciation is so important; for that reason we value the work of others and also communicate this.

Professional development

We are always striving for personal and professional development. Due to our culture and the opportunities in our team, we can improve our skills and expand our horizon; individually and tailored to each.

Join our team & start your career at ValueWorks

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