Company-wide real-time transparency at a fraction of the usual cost

IT system landscapes are becoming increasingly fragmented due to the use of SaaS solutions, but setting up a modern infrastructure is extremely expensive

You know what it's like: you receive a classic reporting date report from your accounting department with outdated figures in Excel or PDF, which compiles figures from various IT systems.


You cannot change time periods or track detailed values without switching on a controller. At most, the outdated values are displayed in a visualization tool such as PowerBI or Tableau.


The alternative: a complex and expensive controlling project involving recording the specialist requirements, visualizing the data in tools such as PowerBI, setting up a modern infrastructure with very high consulting and technology costs and tying up internal capacities for years.


The total costs are almost always in the 6-digit range, or even in the millions depending on the size of the company. Moreover, according to Gartner, only 20% of business intelligence projects create added business value.

ValueWorks offers the business intelligence project from a single source

Pre-defined industry templates and the complete analytics infrastructure at significantly lower cost, risk and with a faster go-live.

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“In the usual self-service tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik, we lacked the predefined KPIs and their interpretations, which we can easily find in ValueWorks. In ValueWorks, not only the classic business KPIs are available, but also specific ones for start-ups and investors, including their automated calculations.”

Wolfgang Weber
Head of Product & Innovation and Co-founder at cxomni

Read on if you have one of the following roles:


Managing Director & Entrepreneur

Do you want to make sure that your company is always up to date and that you can make the best decisions? Our solution gives you access to real-time data that provides you with a comprehensive and integrated view of current developments.


Finance Director

Have you already thought about setting up modern controlling in real time? Our solution offers you this possibility at a fraction of the cost compared to a complex "PowerBI or Tableau project"

Operations Direktor

Operations Director

Do you want to know whether operational processes are efficiently synchronized with the company's financial results? We offer you a system that seamlessly integrates financial and operational data to improve process efficiency.



Do you want to save time and stress when creating reports while minimizing the manual error rate? Our solution is user-friendly and enables you to work more efficiently and accurately.

The status quo

A Business Intelligence project typically consists of 7 steps

The typical business intelligence project is demanding in terms of both business and organization as well as technology. From project planning to roll-out, there are a number of hurdles and very few business intelligence projects are sequential, but a constant back and forth between the business side and the data engineers. Implementation, including personnel costs, is always in the 6-digit range, but often runs into the millions with questionable results.

1. project planning & target definition

2. technical requirements recording & data source analysis

3. data model design & data architecture

4. ETL processes & data cleansing

5. analytical models & definition of reports

6. implementation of the systems, testing & validation

7. roll-out & maintenance

Challenges of business intelligence projects

Business intelligence projects start with a lot of enthusiasm and usually end in a very expensive mega-project with little added business value

There are many reasons for this. The 3 most important reasons are constantly changing and unclear requirements from the business side, data quality problems and insufficient user-friendliness with cryptic dashboards, which ultimately leads to a lack of use of the dashboards.

ValueWorks vs. BI-Project Total Cost of Ownership

The ValueWorks approach leads to cost savings of more than 80% compared to an "in-house" business intelligence project

The ValueWorks approach covers all the steps of a classic BI project, ultimately providing dashboards and reports with live data. The reasons why ValueWorks can be implemented much faster and at lower cost are as follows:

Moderne Business-Intelligence-Landschaft

A modern business intelligence landscape

In order to build a modern business intelligence landscape, a suitable data infrastructure must be created

A look under the hood of an analytics project makes it clear that an adequate analytics infrastructure is complex and that experts need to be hired to set it up. ValueWorks offers this infrastructure from a single source, optimized for the respective use cases of the industry in which you operate.

"Our customers use ValueWorks as a central business intelligence platform, where real-time data is used both to map long-term goals and to react promptly to changes in the customer environment - across all areas of the company."

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Make an appointment now!

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Frequently asked questions:

Yes, we offer a non-binding 30-day pilot phase.

Yes, our Customer Success Management team will support you throughout the entire implementation process, from setting up the system to integrations and data uploads.

ValueWorks is a cloud solution, which means that all the latest updates included in the package are automatically made available to the customer.


The real cost of building a modern data stack in-house

The implementation of ValueWorks compared to a conventional BI project


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