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Enables CxOs to create value in a data-driven and intelligent way and is the starting point of every management decision​

One intelligent system, which does it all

Make ValueWorks the starting point of every management decision

Manage­ment reporting

Make consolidate decisions based on the right data

Investor reporting

Most modern way of investor communications and alignment

Execution & OKR

Next generation agile management with OKR 2.0

Growth excellence

Manage growth with management view on the sales funnel

Portfolio & Holding management

The intelligence platform for investment portfolios or holdings & their portfolio companies

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Experience effortless growth with ValueWorks: Your one-stop data hub that streamlines reporting and fuels profitable business expansion

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Why choose ValueWorks?

Advanced analytics

Get a detailed view of the KPIs with deep drill visualizations

User concept

Create individual user access rights for reading and writing and protect your data with two-factor authentication


Use off-the-shelf industry-specific templates to enable a fast go-live in hours


Harmonize data across domains and calculate key figures from different data sources

Management Reporting

Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights

Ensure transparency on all levels of your business to be always fully informed and avoid unpleasant surprises that put your business at risk.

Strategic dashboard is derived from your strategic goals and covers the key KPIs of your business plan.
Operational dashboard covers the KPIs along your core processes and functions (e.g. customer- and product-related process and back-office).

Following international reporting standards (Profit & loss statements in ‘Cost of sale’ methodology, liquidity planning, KPI tree). 

ESG dashboard is covering your compliance to the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance standards with already incorporated benchmark values.
Create customisable and flexible dashboards for LOBs, specific product areas or your OKRs. Add sections to structure your data and select from a wide range of existing KPIs. If needed, you can also define new KPIs. The visualisation of all KPIs is also dynamic, choose a bar chart to highlight trends or a single tile to maintain focus on a monthly value.
seamless process

Investor Reporting

Experience cutting-edge investor communications and alignment

Create your investor update in 15 minutes leveraging integrations to the source systems and automated KPI calculation.

We provide an intuitive user flow & superior design experience that makes creating an investor reporting easy and simple, by completely automating the process in ValueWorks.
Choose from a KPI library with 100+ industry standard KPIs, define the list of recipients and add additional context in the form of e.g., an executive summary, an outlook or links to additional documents.
Enabling collaboration and exchange between company & investors. Your investors become ValueWorks users and have one professional go-to-place for your investor updates.

After quality check and approval, you can freeze your data to get a snapshot for your Investor reporting, so that the numbers are no longer updated and quality assurance of the numbers is ensured.

Perform an investor readiness check vs. benchmarks to identify areas of strength and weaknesses.

Execution & OKR

Embrace the future of agile management: unleash the power of OKR 2.0

Leveraging the existing integrations to operational systems and the related standard KPI library for the OKR module.

ValueWorks comes with a pre-built industry solution. A broad collection of over 100 industry-specific KPIs is available, which can be complemented by customer-specific KPIs.

Actual values are reported automatically and continuously – without the need to check the figures. It also shows a team overview to gain insights in which team performs best.
ValueWorks automatically manages the OKR process and sends emails to the right audience with a link to the OKRs that need to be updated. Eliminating the need for an administrator.
Add AI-generated key result recommendations for your objectives.
OKR 2.0
top management funnel visualizations

Growth excellence

Accelerate your growth: master the art of sales excellence

Get management ready insights into your sales funnel in real time through out-of-the-box charts in the style of the top management consultants.

Identify the most important deals in your sales funnel to mobilize all functions for deal closure.
Perform a correct conversion calculation by comparing today’s snapshot with the past (in contrast to a CRM system, which always shows the most current values).
Understand the duration of each phase in the sales cycle for different customer segments and products in order to reduce the cycle time.
Identify patterns in customer behavior with the cohort analysis regarding churn, upselling over time, etc.
Perform sales forecasting by determining future revenue on a monthly level by probability based on existing and new contracts.

Taking every customer to success


Connect all your business tools with ValueWorks.
We enable plug & play integration to your operational systems (ERP, CRM, HR, etc.) and data sources via no-code integration with data wizard.

Onboarding & Support

ValueWorks set-up takes only 3 hours of your time, without implementation costs. We define your target dashboards with you based on our industry best-practices.

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