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Case study "Navigator Group"

Implementation of ValueWorks into German industrial holding (SME investments)


Objectives and key results template

An example template for OKRs to use for your company
OKR Template Visual


Management-ready sales reports out-of-the-box you can not get from your CRM

Why you need ValueWorks as an add-on to your CRM system to perform crucial management analysis
Cover What you do not get from your CRM whitepaper


The real cost of building a modern data stack in-house

Implementation of ValueWorks compared to a traditional BI project


SaaS-spend management platform "VROOZI"

How ValueWorks established the OKR 2.0 method at Vroozi and developed a 100% alignment of OKRs and the KPIs of the Controlling department


Case study "GSG GENII Software Group"

Implementation of ValueWorks within private equity owned holding


How to digitize the value creation plan and bring it into execution with OKRs

How to leverage codified management consulting knowledge empowered by digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth within an organization
Cover Whitepaper


What should the executive management know about the sales funnel?

How startups, scale-ups and midsize companies can increase their sales performance through active sales funnel management


eCommerce company "peoplewhokaer"

How to keep track of financial KPIs, wins and losses as a start-up and prepare for professional investor reporting


How to keep track of all business systems as a young start-up and prepare for professional management reporting

For Coachwhisperer – a young start-up from B2C app industry that revolutionizes innovation-driven coaching for sports clubs and teams

Case Study Coachwhisperer


Deep learning startup "summetix"

How to empower the executive management to get a comprehensive overview of the revenue situation of their company and to better drive their sales

Cover Summetix


How to become a truly data-driven and digital-enabled investor & boost the value of your portfolio

how ValueWorks provides better insights, simpler preparation of or for funding rounds, ongoing reporting & a scaleable intelligent solution for value creation to investors and their portfolio companies​
Boost the value of your portfolio Whitepaper Cover


The full guide for early-stage SaaS investor reporting

With KPI explanations, the WHY the KPI is important, selected benchmarks, and potential actions to improve the KPIs
Investor Reporting Whitepaper Cover


SaaS corporate alumni management solutions company "PeoplePath"

How we created more value post-merger


What system landscapes make sense for B2B SaaS-startups & -scaleups?

Get a clear perspective on which systems to use in which stage of your company in different business domains

Whitepaper Cover System Landscape


From strategy to measurable results

Guide for the implementation of the OKR 2.0 methodology based on ValueWorks


Data-driven management

The benefits & implementation of data-driven executive management for your business


Football fitness platform

How ValueWorks cut the time it takes to produce the monthly investor report to just 15 minutes

Cover Case Study B-42


OKR 2.0 - Mobilize your organization for growth

The benefits & implementation of the next-generation OKR method and the supporting software solution

Cover Whitepaper OKR 2.0


How to agile goal steering

At VERITAS Entertainment – an esports/gaming company that builds a global network of premium gaming venues under the umbrella of their LVL brand

Case Study Veritas Cover


E-Commerce company
"people who kaer"

How we reduced the time for the preparation of the monthly investor-report from one full working day to just 15 minutes

case study

Saas testing startup "AskUI"

How we cut the time it takes to produce the monthly investor report to 15 minutes

Cover Case Study AskUI


B2C healthcare company "Besser Zuhause"

How Besser Zuhause achieves real-time transparency about their projects by implementing ValueWorks


SaaS profit & loss statement

An example investor-ready SaaS P&L statement with predetermined cost center structure

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