Enable data-driven decisions across teams through self-service analytics

Empower your teams with dynamic self-service dashboards, providing instant access to all company data for informed, data-driven decisions anytime

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self-service analytics

Instant access to all company data

Self-Service Analytics and intuitive dashboards for executives and teams

One central platform for all company data

All your company’s data sources integrated in one single source of truth.

Self-service analytics in a no-code way

Enables everyone in the company to visualize data and gain insights, without going through other departments.

Intuitive user interface geared towards the executive user

Enables the executive management to set the focus on the most important data in the company.

From insights to results

Intuitive and customizable data visualizations

Create and customize dashboards adapted to the needs of the team and the executive management

Self-Service Analytics: Define and deploy KPIs

Define and deploy key figures effortlessly

Available across all dimensions and integrated with OKRs

Transform tables into charts

Customize with various graphic types, data fields, formulas and flexible naming options

Create custom dashboards with drag & drop

Choose from flexible visualization styles, compare with benchmarks and release dashboards to targeted users.

Individual dashboards for different lines of business

Giving every team the possibility to set the focus right

LOB Reporting: HR Dashboard

Human Resources

Project delivery dashboard

Project Delivery

Customer Stories

What our customers say about ValueWorks

“I really appreciate the fact that I can create individual dashboards in ValueWorks. This gives me access to a central dashboard every morning, which helps me to focus on the most important KPIs."
Wolfgang Weber
Head of Product & Innovation and Co-founder at cxomni

ValueWorks increases the productivity potential

Find out how organizations have increased productivity by using ValueWorks instead of a very extensive PowerPoint-based reporting system.

95% data accuracy

100% business decisions based on data

99% reduced time needed to take decisions

70% cost savings compared to BI projects

Expert insights

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