ValueWorks introduces new program to help early startups to grow faster

ValueWorks for Startups offers its software at startup-friendly costs for early-stage startups.

Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, March 1st, 2022 – ValueWorks, a startup that aims to simplify and automate executive management tasks around planning, management and investor reporting, as well as execution (OKR), is offering its software and knowledge at a significant discount for early-stage startups that are part of cooperating incubators, VCs or networks. As part of the offer, ValueWorks also supports early-stage startups in the selection of the right systems early on that fit the requirements of modern IT landscapes.

“We started ValueWorks for Startups because we believe we can address some major pain points that startups face. Especially on the management and investor reporting side, startups waste days crunching KPIs in Excel that can be automatically calculated by using ValueWorks. ValueWorks can be set up with 3 hours investment from the founder’s side. In addition, re-using these KPIs for the execution process (OKR) safes important time that is needed to focus on building a world-class product and winning customers, and hence to fully focus on growth” said Dr. Sebastian Walther, Co-founder and COO of ValueWorks. “With this new program, we’ll be offering startups the possibility to have full transparency, while being able to focus on the things that really matter in an early-stage startup.” 

Apart from the automation of reporting tasks and the time savings related to this, ValueWorks also provides startups with content on what are the right things to measure for the startup’s specific industry and size, as well as community benchmarks of the ValueWorks customers to better calibrate the own performance.

“ValueWorks helps startups to set up a professional investor reporting without distracting the core business. From my previous experiences as entrepreneur, I can say that it is important to run a transparent business early on, as it will get more and more difficult to establish this each day that passes” says Dr. Heinz Raufer, serial entrepreneur and business angel. 

ValueWorks already works together with several startups like AskUI, B42 and finway and is looking to build a strong community that supports each other in regards of data and execution. The most popular use case for startups is automating investor reporting. Jonas Menesklou, CEO of AskUI, describes it this way: “ValueWorks has helped us to reduce time spent on management and investor reporting from 1 day a month to 15 minutes a month.” 

Another use case to start with ValueWorks is the preparation for further investor rounds using some pre-determined guidelines: “ValueWorks has provided us with the right tool to be prepared to have Financial discussions with investors and specially to anticipate the questions asked”, says B42 CEO Andreas Gschaider. 

ValueWorks is keen to help your startup kick start your management reporting to an affordable price and limited time invested. If we have caught your attention, please book a demo under: 

To learn more about ValueWorks for Startups, including how to apply or get an accelerator or incubator involved, please visit


About ValueWorks 

ValueWorks was founded in 2020 by three co-founders. Their vision is to enable founders and executives of software and other digital companies to maximize their company’s value, by creating value in a truly data-driven way. ValueWorks provides a cloud-based, fully responsive, integrated, and intelligent enterprise software that supports the management process from planning and reporting to execution. It is the first solution aimed at management or executive users. 

Benefits of ValueWorks are the industry-specific KPIs, deep-drills, benchmarks and recommendations. 

With ValueWorks, the high manual effort and growing complexity of data collection, planning, reporting and managerial decision making is drastically reduced. The templated approach allows users to create valuable insights and track results across many different platforms without the need for internal IT or Business Intelligence experts. ValueWorks provides you with industry-specific content & best practices out-of-the-box.

“ValueWorks provides me insights and control options, that I honestly haven’t dared to dream of.”
– Andreas Gschaider, Founder & CEO at B42

“Until now, no integrated solution was available on the market, I struggled a lot to find something and then I came across ValueWorks.”
– Tania Thiebach, CFO at Sherpany

The company is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and as a member of the design offices they are also in München, Köln.

SOURCE ValueWorks

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