ValueWorks successfully closes pre-seed round and wins Heinz Raufer as investor

Karlsruhe, Germany, 18. December 2021: ValueWorks was founded in 2020 as the first software solution with a real focus on executives as users and offers the intelligent operating system for all management tasks. The founders are long-time experts in enterprise software (especially SAP) and top management consulting (Bain & Company, McKinsey) and have mapped their experience into a unique software solution. As part of the pre-seed financing round, ValueWorks has raised over 700,000 euros, with Dr. Heinz Raufer joining as an investor. As a long-time business angel, Raufer has supported numerous other startups such as Flixbus with his experience as a serial founder. 

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst, CEO of ValueWorks: “ValueWorks solves 3 fundamental problems that we encounter again and again with our customers to bring the management of a company to the next level: 

– Firstly, we find – much to the displeasure of investors – Excel landscapes in which planning, reporting and implementation are handled separately from each other, resulting in massively manual processes.  

– Secondly, management is virtually not data-driven. Which key figures are used, how they are measured and how they are to be interpreted is often simply the manager’s gut feeling and has grown over time. 

– Third, cleaning up and automating this landscape is extremely costly without already delivering content and the whole thing often ends up in a ‘never-ending project‘.” 

ValueWorks solves these problems with an end-to-end solution that provides the content instead of an empty, technical shell. ValueWorks can be set up quickly and cost-effectively, and no customer resources are required for maintenance and further development.  

Thus, planning, reporting and OKR are available from a single source, allowing management to be data-driven and implemented in a more professional manner. OKR is the goal-setting method made famous by Google management, and it is becoming increasingly popular beyond the technology sector. 

ValueWorks has now successfully completed the pre-seed financing round and was able to collect over 700,000 euros, which will be invested in particular for the further development of the product as well as the business expansion.  

As part of the current round, Dr. Heinz Raufer has joined as an investor. As a long-time business angel, he has supported numerous other startups (such as Flixbus or Paessler) with his experience as a serial founder (Atrada,, etc.).  

Heinz Raufer thus strengthens the Advisory Council of ValueWorks, which includes prominent representatives from the private equity / venture capital sector, digital economy and top management consultancies such as Leonard Clemens (Cadence Growth Capital), Dr. Ekkehard Franzke (ex-Bain, Ingenium Capital), Andreas Lukic (ValueNet Capital Partners), Tristan Werner (Deloitte), Dr. Ulrich Faisst (Cognizant), Dr. Jürgen Michelfelder as well as Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (LMU Munich). See all investors and advisors in our Intro of ValueWorks blogpost.

Dr. Heinz Raufer emphasizes: “ValueWorks convinced me from the very beginning as a software solution for business management, because it professionalizes the management of companies considerably. For example, ValueWorks comes with an industry-specific best-practice template (starting with the tech segment), which otherwise has to be built up with high effort within the company. This also facilitates cooperation with investors.” 

Wolfgang Faisst, CEO and Co-Founder of ValueWorks, summarizes: “We are looking forward to working with Dr. Heinz Raufer and his entrepreneurial contribution to our growth story.”


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