ValueWorks is launching an Enterprise Software/ Software-as-a Service vertical solution

ValueWorks launching enterprise software saas vertical solution

KARLSRUHE, Germany, April 22nd 2022: ValueWorks, the intelligent operating system for executives has launched today an industry specific solution for Enterprise Software / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies as part of ValueWorks’ executive management suite.

ValueWorks has developed its Enterprise Software/Saas vertical solution through its co-innovation partnership program with leading SaaS startups and SMEs that include amongst others PeoplePath, Sherpany, Vroozi, Finway, AskUI and

ValueWorks’ comprehensive product offering combines a Reporting & Benchmarking module, a broad set of no-code integrations as well as an OKR-module to facilitate a strong execution focus.

The Reporting & Benchmarking reporting module for Enterprise Software/SaaS-companies empowers them to gain full strategic, financial, and operational transparency of their business through an out-of-the box-integration of all their respective operational data sources in one platform. These include for example Finance & Accounting systems like DATEV or Netsuite, CRM systems like or Hubspot, Software Development tools like Jira, Azure DevOps. Customers in the Enterprise-/SaaS-industry benefit from ValueWorks´ embedded industry-specific content like templates for KPI´s and dashboards as well as external industry benchmarks and soon to be released community benchmarks.

As a result, Enterprise/SaaS-companies can now set-up a business intelligence platform with ValueWorks within one working day. Due to ValueWorks´ out-of-the box integration scheme for operational systems as well as through its packaged software approach, the solution comes at a friction of TCO costs for Enterprise/SaaS-companies in comparison to a custom-build BI-project.

In detail, Enterprise Software/SaaS companies benefit from the following industry-specific content and product features:

  • Automated reporting of SaaS-specific KPIs, e.g. Recurring Revenue, Net Revenue Retention, Customer Acquisitions Costs, Rule of 40
  • Deep-drill visualizations of SaaS-specific KPIs, e.g. Recurring revenue breakdown, sales forecast vs. target, split of development capacity, sales pipeline as Marimekko graph
  • Automated calculation of SaaS-specific KPIs leveraging different data sources, e.g. Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) as well as Cost per feature
  • Access to SaaS-related KPIs in the OKR module of ValueWorks to incorporate them in dedicated initiatives
  • Access to benchmark values to calibrate the internal performance and provide an orientation for meaningful goal plan setting

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst, Co-Founder and CEO of ValueWorks on today´s industry-specific solution launch:

“The launch of our front-runner vertical in Enterprise Software / SaaS is a big achievement in our ambition to lead the industry BI market by providing next generation analytics software for executive users for multiple industries. Today we have achieved another milestone in our company´s mission to provide industry-tailored content to our customers instead of just an empty technical shell. Enterprise Software/SaaS-companies will now benefit of an industry-specific content-rich experience that is easy to set-up and to consume due to our out-of-the-box templatized software development approach”.

The launch of ValueWorks’ Enterprise Software/SaaS-solution was also commented positive upon from various co-innovation partners in these industries:

Stephan Herrlich, Co-CEO of People-Path:

“Implementing SaaS-specific KPI´s like “Net Revenue Retention” and the respective deep-drills provided by ValueWorks have helped us to gain real-time access into crucial value-drivers of our business”.

Joe Dauer, COO of Vroozi:

“ValueWorks enables us to make data driven decisions and measure the effectiveness of those in realtime”.

Tania Thiebach, CFO of Sherpany:

“The biggest benefit of ValueWorks is to ensure that our company has a constant feedback loop to optimize our performance and gets insights into future performance and decision making”.


About ValueWorks GmbH:

Karlsruhe-based ValueWorks was founded in 2020 by Dr. Wolfgang Faisst and Dr. Sebastian Walther, who have both a long track-record with top tier Management consultancies Bain and McKinsey as well as leading positions in the Enterprise Software industry. Their vision is to enable founders and executives of software and other digital companies to maximize their company´s value by creating value in a truly data-driven way. ValueWorks provides a cloud-based, fully responsive, integratated and intelligent enterprise software that supports the management process from planning and reporting to to execution. It is the first solution created for the Executive Management user.

With ValueWorks the high manual effort and growing complexity of data collection, planning, reporting and managerial decision making is drastically reduced. The templated approach allows users to create valuable insights and track results across many different platforms without the need for internal IT or Business Intelligence experts. ValueWorks provides its customers with industry-specific content & best practices out-of-the-box.


Source: ValueWorks

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