groups & HOLDINGS

group reporting with ValueWorks

The intelligence platform for holdings / groups and their single entity companies

The intelligence platform for investment portfolios or holdings & their portfolio companies

Perform a proactive management in a faster, cheaper and executive-ready user interface instead of backward looking reporting

Overall transparency

Plan & steer the business and perform OKR in one system

Portfolio analytics

More precise prediction of future developments

Internal & external benchmarks

Calibration of company performance and identification of improvement areas

Early warnings across portfolio

Proactive management of problems before it becomes too worse

Automate your workflows & steer your portfolio in one system

ValueWorks is covering the information flow from the single entities to holding / group level and beyond


Self-service oriented user interface

Intelligent group reporting for the group management team

Select the entire portfolio, a group of portfolio companies, or single companies
Identify high or low performing groups across your portfolio
Add comments to KPIs and identify best practices within the portfolio

portfolio performance mapped in one system

KPI comparison across portfolio companies & with external benchmarks

Investor review

"From an investor perspective, we like to have more transparency on our portfolio companies’ growth with the help of ValueWorks. ValueWorks is supporting our portfolio companies to faster grow with the achieved transparency."
Leonard Clemens


Case study

Implementation of ValueWorks within private equity owned holding

with GSG GENII Software Group



How to digitize the value creation plan and bring it into execution with OKRs

How to leverage codified management consulting knowledge empowered by digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth within an organization



How to become a truly data-driven and digital-enabled investor & boost the value of your portfolio

How ValueWorks provides better insights, simpler preparation of or for funding rounds, ongoing reporting & a scaleable intelligent solution for value creation to investors and their portfolio companies

Harness the power of ValueWorks, the intelligence platform for executives

Make ValueWorks the starting point of every management decision

Industry solutions

ValueWorks provides industry specific templates with the right KPIs for each industry

Investor reporting

Most modern way of investor communications and alignment

Value creation management

Next generation agile management with OKR 2.0


Connecting your favorite tools via plug & play integration of the operational systems

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