ValueWorks – Great improvements of the OKR module with release 1.3

Newsbyte – Karlsruhe, Germany: With the 1.3 release, we have added a lot of improvements to our OKR (Objectives & Key Results) module. In part, they are the result of the feedback we received from the customers, who are actively using the solution, and in part they are the result of the shortcomings we identified in existing OKR tools. More specifically, we noticed that maintaining and updating OKRs over time is a major pain point. For this reason, this release again focused on reducing manual efforts and increasing the ease of use of our solution.

25, June 2021
Karlsruhe, Germany

In addition to several smaller fixes and improvements, the main features of this release are the following: 

  • OKR Scheduler: The OKR Scheduler allows you to establish a protocol that determines when users (or groups of users) need to do, e.g. create a new set of OKRs for the upcoming quarter or update their current OKRs. You can also add reminders, which will be sent out automatically by the system. All in all, this feature reduces the required management of your OKR process significantly. 
  • OKR editing: With the help of our customers’ feedback, we further improved the editing functionality by adding for example the option to update all your OKRs at once with the editing-mode. This option, along with the other improvements, will make creating, updating, and maintaining your OKRs a lot easier!

Our next release will also improve the OKR module; Upcoming features include milestone tracking for Key Results for a better understanding of your progress and flexible layers of hierarchies, in case you want to break down your department OKRs into multiple team OKRs.

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Media contact: Dr. Wolfgang Faisst,

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