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ValueWorks helps
Investors & boards to assure superior investment outcomes by selecting the right targets in data-driven way.

A scalable solution for value creation within the portfolio companies and best insights to actively support the investments.

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Key questions

Key questions investors & boards need to ask themselves


Better insights

Does your investor reporting always look the same of different by investment?

Does the reporting include strategic and operational KPIs or just financial?

Do you always have benchmarks at hand to calibrate the performance?



Do you always get the right data to perform your due diligence before doing an investment?

How much effort and iterations does it take to get the right information?

How easy is it for you to analyze the data and compare with benchmarks?


Value creation

Do you have a scalable approach to help the portfolio companies to learn data-driven management and achieve the full potential?

Benefits with ValueWorks

Better insights

Simpler preparation of funding rounds and ongoing reporting

Scaleable solution for value creation

From an investor perspective, we like to have more transparency on our portfolio companies’ growth with the help of ValueWorks. ValueWorks is supporting our portfolio companies to faster grow with the achieved transparency.

Leonard Clemens

CEO at Cadence Growth Capital | Investor & Advisor at ValueWork

Value proposition

how ValueWorks can help investors & boards achieving their objectives


Simpler preparation of funding rounds and ongoing reporting


Better business insights & external calibration


Scalable management support for value creation / to achieve full potential

ValueWorks for Private Equity

The intelligence platform for investment portfolios or holdings & their portfolio companies

Whitepaper: How to become a truly data-driven and digital-enabled investor & boost the value of your portfolio

how ValueWorks provides better insights, simpler preparation of or for funding rounds, ongoing reporting & a scaleable intelligent solution for value creation to investors and their portfolio companies​

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