Why we founded ValueWorks

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Titelbild Why we founded ValueWorks

valueworks.ai was founded in 2020 by four co-founders with the vision to enable companies to create value in a truly data-driven way. It provides a cloud-based, fully responsive, integrated, and intelligent enterprise software that supports the management process from planning and reporting to execution.


Dear community,

First of all I wish you all a good start into the new year 2021!

And I welcome you to valueworks.ai, a company I founded together with three co-founders –  Sebastian Walther, James Perry and Markus Anding –  in 2020. We founded valueworks.ai to help the founders and executives especially of software and digital companies to maximize their company‘s value.

                   Our vision: We enable companies to create value in a truly data-driven way

Our idea behind our company was based on constant experienced most common and important challenges in the market today. Such as for example:

  • Scattered and old reporting data that needs to be consolidated and interpreted manually.
  • Ad-hoc decision making without foundation of proper information.
  • Diversity of reporting styles across management.
  • Reporting templates based on varying reporting standards.
  • Disconnect between controlling systems and execution (in particular to world of OKR=Objectives & Key Results tools).

That’s where valueworks.ai will bring a big value and benefit to solve the challenges. Because:

  • We provide a cloud-based, fully responsive, integrated, and intelligent enterprise software that supports the management process from planning and reporting to execution.
  • We have benchmarks at hand to calibrate the reporting where the numbers are good, equal or bad.
  • We provide support to perform the root cause analysis and provide recommendations based on our management consulting knowledge combined with the power of artificial intelligence.

Following capabilities makes valueworks.ai unique in the market.

  • Our content is truly customized on industry level starting with the one for running a software company.
  • This means you can jump-start using the software “out-of-the box” without a lengthy consulting project.
  • And valueworks.ai becomes the starting point of every management decision.

Join us!

  • Please stay tuned and follow us on our website www.valueworks.ai, on LinkedIn and XING.
  • Contact us for a demo and join our co-innovation program.


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