ValueWorks helps founders & CEOs to better drive the direction of the company.

You benefit from the best practices from top management consulting, private equity and FP&A to make data-driven decisions.

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Key questions

Key questions founders & CEOs need to ask themselves



Are benchmarks are used regularly and across all areas to compare internal planning & performance against external peer groups?

Do you get automatic early warnings that key performance indicators will go out of control?


Better decisions

Do you always have benchmarks at hand to calibrate the performance and take action?

Do you detect negative trends early on?

Do you quickly understand the root-cause / driver?



Do you have an agile steering in place to always focus your organization on the right objectives?

Do you have an OKR process in place from company to employee level for agile goal management?

Benefits with ValueWorks

Simple & intuitive experience tailored to the executive user

Comprehensive forward looking insights in real-time

Better decisions

Agile steering and results delivery

Wolfgang Weber
“I really appreciate the fact that I can create individual dashboards in ValueWorks. This gives me access to a central dashboard every morning, which helps me to focus on the most important KPIs.”
Wolfgang Weber
Head of Product & Innovation and Co-founder at cxomni
Wolfgang Weber

Value proposition

how ValueWorks can help founders & CEOs achieving their objectives


Easy transparency on all layers (strategic, operational, financial, ESG)


Enable better and faster decision making


Establish an execution focus and agile management (OKR)

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