ValueWorks partners with Microsoft Azure to run cloud operations

As a startup targeting SME customers from the digital economy, we had to select a cloud platform that supports our growth from cloud qualities, cost and trust perspective.
We selected Microsoft Azure as our preferred cloud platform because of:

  • Provisioning of needed technology components for front-end, back-end and data warehouse
  • Leading cloud qualities (incl. availability, security, data privacy, easy consumption) in particular operations from EU data centers
  • Reasonable costs of set-up and ongoing operations
  • High trust from our B2B customers
In addition, we got a broad range of support from Microsoft and their distributor ADN in architecture, security and cloud operations topics.
Our technology stack is the best-of-breed combination of Microsoft components (marked in orange below) and open source elements offered by Microsoft Azure:

This allows us to source from the best elements available for the needed requirements (functional, cloud qualities, costs) and combine them to a seamless, robust and scalable technology stack.

In essence this stack represents a most modern architecture of the next generation enterprise as described in a previous blogpost.

Please find more about our collaboration with Microsoft Azure in the document below.


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