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Evaluation-criteria of system landscapes for B2B SaaS-startups & -scaleups

Reading time: 3 minutes
In this blogpost, we will introduce the evaluation criteria a startup or scaleup should have in mind when purchasing a SaaS-solution.

The path to complete integration of OKRs within your organization

Reading time: 3 minutes
In this article, we want to introduce a path to complete integration of OKRs within the organization leading you from insights to results.

ESG for Tech Companies: How to quickly fulfill the expectations of investors, public authorities & young talents

Reading time: 4 minutes
ESG can be set-up and managed in an efficient way by Tech companies by integrating the ESG management in the standard Management reporting.
Scalability of your SaaS business

Is your SaaS business scalable? How to get an indication of scalability through your gross margin

Reading time: 3 minutes
Scalability is a system’s readiness to handle growth. We show how to get an indication of scalability through your gross margin.
Project Profitability Calculation

How ValueWorks helps professional services companies to enhance the profitability of their projects

Reading time: 4 minutes
We show how the automated calculation of the project-profitablity in real-time enables project-managers to better steer their projects.

Total Cost of Ownership comparison: Traditional BI project vs. ValueWorks

Reading time: 2 minutes
ValueWorks reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by more than 50%. The following article presents a sample calculation.

The ValueWorks model company approach

Reading time: 3 minutes
How our model company approach can help you to win back full oversight over your company data

Next generation enterprise software with ValueWorks

Reading time: 3 minutes
In shaping ValueWorks, we have clearly embraced the elements of intelligent enterprise software with the ambition to shape the category leader for Executive Management Software.

ValueWorks collaboration with science and academia

Reading time: 2 minutes
One important area of the ValueWorks Investor & Advisory Council is the academic & scientific network and knowledge.

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