What should the executive management know about the sales funnel?

02.03.2023 5:00 pm

Although this topic is of central importance for business success and is therefore not only a topic for the sales management, but also for the executive management, there is often a lack of the necessary transparency as to how healthy the current “sales funnel” is or where false hopes are being placed, which then vanish into thin air at the end of the quarter or year. This is often associated with mutual accusations.

The webinar is based on the content of the ValueWorks Whitepaper you find below.

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What we will cover:

  • How does a good sales funnel look like?
  • Recommendations for professional sales funnel management
  • Most important key KPIs for the analysis of the sales funnel
  • Implementation methodology to improve sales funnel management leveraging OKRs

Whitepaper: What should the executive management know about the sales funnel?

How startups, scale-ups and midsize companies can increase their sales performance through active sales funnel management.


Wolfgang Faisst

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst

CEO & Co-Founder ValueWorks

CEO & Co-founder at valueworks.ai I Entrepreneur, Investor & Lecturer I Expert for AI-based Enterprise Software & Enterprise Performance Management

Martin Kalkuhl

Partner, Director Sales & Business Development

TRUE CLOUD Evangelist - NetSuite Partner - Get a life and keep learning


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We help executives with out-of-the box analytics and AI to enable for faster & better decision making.

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