COOs & Operations Teams

ValueWorks providing
COOs & operations teams the means to establish the execution focus in the company to achieve superior business results.

A single source of truth in terms of data and KPIs lay the foundation for data-driven collaboration and decision making.

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Key questions

Key questions COOs & operations teams need to ask themselves



Do you have an agile steering in place to always focus your organization on the right objectives?

Do you have an OKR process in place from company to employee level for agile goal management?


Alignment / Collaboration

Do you have a common set of KPIs across all departments as common base for decision making?

Does your OKR process that seamlessly uses the controlling KPIs?


Better decisions

Do you always have benchmarks at hand to calibrate the performance and take action?

Do you detect negative trends early on?

Do you quickly understand the root-cause / driver?

Benefits with ValueWorks

Agile steering and results delivery

Seamless collaboration and results delivery

Single source of truth and insights

ValueWorks enables us to make data driven decisions and measure the effectiveness of those decisions in real time.

Joe Dauer

COO at vroozi

Value proposition

how ValueWorks can help COOs & operations teams achieving their objectives


Establish an execution focus and agile management (OKR)


Seamless and data-driven collaboration


Decision making support, e.g. sales pipeline management, customer success management

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