CFOs & Finance Teams

ValueWorks is the swiss knife for modern CFOs & finance Teams

We free-up time by automation of boring tasks so that they can focus on value-add analysis and decision making taking the company to the next level of growth and success.

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Key questions

Key questions CFOs & finance teams need to ask themselves


Efficiency / Automation

How much reporting effort per month do you have?

How easy is it to compare actual and planned values with each other?

Can the preparation for investor meetings and funding rounds can be pulled from the systems without further effort?


Transparency / Insights

Do you have transparency across all operational systems and areas in real-time?

How reliable are your forecasts, e.g. of key profit and loss figures, are automatically generated as a basis for monthly forecasting?


Alignment / Collaboration

Do you have a common set of KPIs as common base for decision making across all departments?

Does your OKR process that seamlessly uses the controlling KPIs?

Benefits with ValueWorks

More time for value-add activities

Single source of truth and insights

Seamless results delivery

Tania Thiebach

Until now, no integrated solution was available on the market, I struggled a lot to find something and then I came across ValueWorks.

Tania Thiebach

Tania Thiebach


Value proposition

How ValueWorks can help CFOs & finance teams achieving their objectives


Strategic CFO empowerment

Elevate the CFO role from number cruncher to strategic ‘board advisor’ with automated financial insights.


Automated analytics & real-time insights

Gain access to all your data across systems, with comprehensive graphs & deep analyses, automated & real-time in one central place.


No more flying blind

Gain a significant advantage over traditional methods by avoiding data silos and manual data crunching & Excel reporting.


Simplified & cost-effective

Reduce complexity and cost with our integrated software and analytics-as-a-service, outperforming traditional BI and data warehouse setups.


Effortless leadership & shareholder alignment

Pre-built KPIs, analyses, and visualizations ensure seamless communication at C-level, or with e.g. your investors.


The Journey of the SME CFOs: From Numbers Wizards to Strategic Trailblazers

We take a look at how the role of the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) has changed in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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