The people behind ValueWorks

We are a team of passionate and very experienced experts with a lot of entrepreneurial experience. Our emphasis on digital innovation, precision, persistence, trust & integrity helps clients to win the future.

About ValueWorks

ValueWorks was founded in 2020 by three co-founders. Their vision is to enable founders and executives of software and other digital companies to maximize their company’s value, by creating value in a truly data-driven way. ValueWorks provides a cloud-based, fully responsive, integrated, and intelligent enterprise software that supports the management process from planning and reporting to execution.
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Our team members

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Felix Engel

Product Management

Jonas Kändler

Integration & Machine Learning

Constantin Smeets

Product Management

Valeriya Chuprina

Backend Development

Alexandru Jolondcovschi

Backend Development

Annika Tögel

People & Culture

Tabea Scherling

Marketing & UX/Web Design

Ahmad Farhat

Backend Development

Luise Elmers

People & Culture

Arthur Wienhausen

Software Quality Assurance

Timo Dietz

Customer Success

Lucas Sing

Software Development

Lisa Hesse

People & Culture

Silas Pinkinelli

Software Development

Alexandr Melnic

Software Development

Julia Held

Growth Hacking

Mike Steiner

Digital Marketing Specialist

Locations & Offices

As a member of the design offices we can work across different places in Germany.

Design Offices Karlsruhe


Design Offices Karlsruhe
Bahnhofsplatz 12
76137 Karlsruhe

Design Offices München

Design Offices Köln

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